Off Stage: 100 Portraits Celebrating the RADA Centenary (Hardcover)

My copy arrived this morning!! Laughing Lovely brief interview with Matthew in it. I will scan it and put it in the galleries! The Cambridge Jones photo of Matthew lying on the bed is gorgeous of course!! Wink

Nuremberg Trials Part 2

Tonight on the BBC we have a programme clash in the UK! Part 2 of Matthews narration for the Nuremberg Trials is on at 9pm on BBC 2, while on BBC 4 at the same time, is the last part of Reader I Married Him with more clips from Pemberworths resident artist Pinky Andrexa.

With a bit of luck Pinky can tape her programme and I will be able to tape the audio for Nuremberg Trials.. ..and we will get them into the galleries soon!

Oh and Spooks series 5 is on BBC1 at the same time too! You would think the programmers at the BBC centre could do better!

Latest Galleries Additions

Hi-res IMFD images recently added to the galleries.

Latest Galleries Additions

Reader I Married Him

Reader I Married Him:

Daisy Goodwin delves into one of the most successful literary genres - romantic fiction. From Jane Austen to the present day, via Mills & Boon, this three-part series explores the enduring appeal of the love story and the integral part it plays in readers' lives.

We are proud to announce that one of our forum members was interviewed and appeared on this television show in the UK on BBC.  We have put up a few clips of PinkyAndrexa in our galleries.  Please watch and enjoy as she promotes the best Darcy ever, Matthew Macfadyen. 

Nuremberg: Nazi's on Trial Narrated by Matthew Macfadyen

On Monday, September 25, 2006, Matthew Macfadyen narrated Part I of a 3 part series on BBC2 called "Nuremberg: Nazis on Trial".

6point7 has posted a teaser in the Pemberworth Forum. We hope to get the full video and audio up soon. Thank you, 6point7 for sharing the teaser with us!

Click on link


Update: All of Part I is available for viewing in the gallery. The audio clips of Matthew's narration have also been added to the galleries.

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