Middletown: Anchorage Film Festival review (Dec 2006)

Two brothers clash over views in Irish 'Middletown'


In James Joyce's memorable phrase (from his autobiographical novel "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man"), the Irish are essentially a "priest-ridden race."

A kindred sentiment seems to emerge in "Middletown," an Anchorage International Film Festival feature that screens for its final time tonight at Fireweed Theatre.

But instead of taking the Catholic Church to task -- as Joyce's fictional father did in "Portrait" -- director Brian Kirk shines his spotlight on the lot of poor Protestants in Northern Ireland.

Yamit Mamo sings for Death at a Funeral

Yamit Mamo wrote in her myspace blog that she recorded for the title track of Death at a Funeral.

In her own words:

Anyway, lets begin.. Today [December 7, 2006], I recorded at the legendary Air Studios for the very first time. That in itself, just an amazing experience.. However, thats not all, noooo!

I actually went in there to record the title track of a new British film, Death at a Funeral.. I just dont know what else to say but Wow really.. I had an incredible day, met a whole bunch of insanely talented people and to top it all off, I was directed by Frank Oz (the man of many voices including Yoda, Miss Piggy, Fuzzy Bear and Elmo).

Tudyk, Donovan and Marshall Still in DAAF

Alan Tudyk, Daisy Donovan and Kris Marshall in DEATH AT FUNERAL. Photo by Keith Hamshere. Sorry, no Matthew.


I would like to personally thank Stefan from SKE films for sharing the images with Darcylicious.

Tudyk, Donovan and Marshall Still in DAAF

A short synopsis of Secret Life

I found a short synopsis of the plot of Secret Life that people may find interesting

Secret Life 2007, Channel 4 – Drama about sex offenders struggling through rehabilitation. Stars Matthew Macfadyen and Phil Davis as paedophiles whose psychiatric treatment is ended when a rehabilitation centre is closed after protests from angry residents.

This is also being produced by Kudos

Mr Darcy Named One of the 12 Sexiest Men Who Never Lived

San Francisco Chronicle

The Naked and the Dead

Neva Chonin
Sunday, November 26, 2006

"There is but one step from the sublime to the ridiculous."

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