Keeley interview: A former Spook no longer haunted by the past (Dec 2006)

Keeley Hawes, the star of Spooks, Tipping the Velvet and, in posh voiceover only, the Lara Croft computer games, is full of surprises. When we meet for breakfast, she starts telling me how she was up at 4am to feed her son. As I have read about only the one son, Myles, I conjure up a Little Britain-style picture of the six-year-old guzzling greedily at her breast.

Tall and, so far as I can tell beneath her grey top, slim, with clear green eyes, impeccable skin and blonde hair darkening fashionably at the roots, Hawes certainly doesn’t look like a harassed new mum. Yet, it transpires, in September she gave birth to a whopping new baby by the name of Ralph.

5 Women In Film & TV Awards: more images

More images found from last weeks awards. Found at Newscom. Taken by photographer Gary Lee. Bigger watermarked image in the galleries.5 Women In Film & TV Awards: more images

You Tube Matthew tribute video

A Matthew fan called Tricia made a great tribute video and posted it on You Tube here . If anyone knows of any great Mathew related videos made, could you let us know? We can then make a links list on the site for them.

Death At A Funeral: preview link (Dec 2006)

Thanks to Mrs Q on Pemberworth for pointing out a review of DAAF here . It is certainly looking to be a great film. Only 133 days until the release date....

Keeley confirms new babys name (Dec 2006)

Keeley is to star in a UK ITV drama on Boxing Day called After Thomas. In an interview for the Total TV Guide (Christmas Issue 2006) she confirms that the new babys name is Ralph and that the family will be spending this Christmas in a country hotel.

Click here to read the scanned interview.

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