ITV Dramas - Keeley Hawes Interview (After Thomas) (Dec 2006)

Keeley Hawes plays Nicola Graham

It is hard playing real people as opposed to fictional ones?
It was difficult because it was based on a true story, we met the real parents and so you get that real image of somebody.

They were almost traumatised because people in the early nineties didn't recognise autism.

You've said you felt it was a great responsibility….

Well there is, especially as it's not even like the children's family are no longer with us but they're on set.
They came on scene where I was pushing the dog out of the room and having a fight with Andrew (Byrne, who plays Kyle).

Middletown DVD release

Lizzie006 on MMonline discovered that Middletown is available for pre-order on Amazon UK. According to Amazon UK it will be released on DVD on 26th March 2007.


Edit: SecretWifeofTomQuinn has found a 26th February 2007 release date for the DVD at several places. See comments below. As we are not sure which is the true release date, both will be mentioned until it is made official.


Thanks to both of you!

Matthew Holiday Dance

Matthew Holiday Dance.

Thanks to chocolatemonster for the link. Happy holidays from Darcylicious.


Edited on 18 March 2007: sadly this link no longer works! The animation can be found in the galleries.

Middletown: Empire Review (2006)

Reviewer: Helen OHara * * *

When he returns home to his Irish village, the recently ordained Gabriel finds that his new found religious zeal is not as compatible with family cohesion as he might have wished.

Empire Review
Matthew Macfadyen leaves Mr. Darcy far behind to play a repressed zealot in rural Ireland in the 1960s. Centring on the return home of the newly ordained Gabriel (Macfadyen), this drama pits fanaticism against family when the new minister tries to impose his own rigid morality on his father (McSorley), brother (Mays) and sister-in-law (Birthistle).

It’s interesting to see a film about religion in Ireland that doesn’t also feature terrorism or sectarianism, and Macfadyen injects depth as well as brimstone into his character. But while it’s beautifully shot in blues and greys, it feels a little too theatrical to ever quite fill the big screen.

Middletown Release

According to the UK film council the release date for Middletown in UK will be 31st January 2007.

Distributed by VERVE PICTURES
Release date: January 31, 2007"

And the BBFC classified the video trailer on 27th November 2006.

"Video Trailer 27/11/2006 Verve Pictures Ltd 1m 38s No MIDDLETOWN"

No idea how that news bodes for an early DVD release but a short cinema release. Undecided

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