Howards End

Howards End: Available for purchase on iTunes

Howards End (BBC version) is available for purchase currently in the UK Itunes store


It is coming soon in DVD (Region 2 ) at


Howards End: The Times interview with Matthew Macfadyen

Matthew Macfadyen — the paterfamilias of Howards End

The star of Howards End talks period drama beards and ‘only connecting’ with Alex O’Connell in today's The Times.

Howards End: Episode 4 clips


More clips can be found HERE.

Howards End: Episode 3 Reviews

The third episode of Howards End aired tonight on BBC One and continues to get rave reviews as the struggle between classes clash while still being timely today.

Radio Times:

Howards End: Episode 3 trailer playing on BBC

Apparently the trailer for the third episode of Howards End is already airing on BBC and contains a kiss between Margaret and Henry.  

Credit for photo: farfaraway and BBC

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